MBC5/CPLD for the GameBoy
The Gameboy MBC5 controller implemented in a Xilinx XC9572 CPLD.
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      The MBC5/CPLD Project
              The main purpose for this project are to master the construction of a home-built Gameboy memory
              bank controller, MBC, and to use the controller in constructions with the real Gameboy hardware.

This project is not made with gamecartridges in mind, but is primarily intended for standalone projects incorporating a GameBoy
on the hardware side - probably for its LCD display and Z80 micro. The reason for support of  MBC5 functionality is that this
memory controller supports both the standard and color gameboy, and of course to get a system compatible with the broad
range of available compilers, assemblers and emulators in the Gameboy development community.
As an added bonus, the CPLD design described here incorporates memorymapped i/o ports on pins left over from the MBC5
functionality. This i/o resides in ROM memory space, and is enabled via software.
 - and if it wasn't for the gameboy pioneering done by others, this project newer would have seen the day of light....

Web Pages :
CPLD Design Deals with the functionality found in a genuine MBC5 controller, and the implementation in the Xilinx CPLD used here.
MBC5CPLD prototype cart The design of a relatively simple PCB including the MBC5/CPLD chip, flash and sram memories and a cable interface to the gameboy.


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