Klitterne - the west coast dunes of Vendsyssel - behind of which so many of our forefathers lived. They are the places here in Denmark we today love - and the places where we find so many of our roots.
The Christensen family after Christine and Lars Christensen

Christine Marie Jørgine Carlsen
born April 20, 1853, Mogensbæk, died April 2, 1907, Tversted
Lars Christian Christensen
born Oct 15, 1847, Ulstedbo in Sindal, died June 1, 1910, Altona
Married Jan 11, 1876, Mosbjerg

Christine and Lars lived in the northern part of Denmark, in Blæsbjerg, Mosbjerg, Sindal, Råbjerg, Stenhuset close to Slynge, and finally on Bakken in Altona West of Tuen. When Lars was six years old he worked for an old hot-tempered man at the farm, which later in the nineteen sixties and seventies served as a summer residence of the prime minister Jens Otto Krag and his family. He looked after the geese, but was unlucky that the farmer kicked him in a way that made him lame in one leg for the rest of his life. He worked as a tailor mainly in Tversted, Uggerby, and Raabjerg. He walked from place to place with the sewing machine under one arm and the crutch in the other hand - nick name: ?Kryt Las? (Kryk Lars/Crutch Lars). We have no pictures of Christine and Lars. They have faced the hardship at a time when 10% of the Danish population emigrated, mainly to USA and Canada. Lars is told to have said that if nothing else, you might always give your children a lot of names. And so they did. Two of their children lived their lives in southern Denmark, in Give, one emigrated to Underwood, N.D., and the rest lived in the same area as Christine and Lars did, and in and around which so many of their descendants still live.

They had 8 children, and 40 grandchildren grew up:

1. Jensine Caroline Theodora (Sine) and Niels Peter Hansen
- had two children, Stinne and Signe. They lived in Kyllesbæk, close to Aalbæk.
Here 6 grandchildren grew up.

2. Christian Carl Andreas (Christ) and Agathe Christensen
- left for the US in 1901 with their two boys, Lars Christian, 2 1/2 years old, and Jens Christian, 1 1/2 year old. Christian was in Denmark called Kresten, and in USA Christ. They settled in Appleton, MN, and in 1916 they moved to Underwood, ND. They had eight children, Lars, Jens, Nora, Mabel, Arthur, Helga, Clarence, and Myrtle (died in infancy).
Here 17 grandchildren grew up.

3. Jens Jakob Albertinus Severin (Jens Jakob) and Kirstine Christensen
- lived in Raabjerg. They had 9 children, Johanne, Gerda, Lilly, Selma, Hilma, Charles, Henry, Osvald, and Frida.
Here 30 grandchildren grew up.

4. Ingine Vilhelmine Ferdinanda Kristiane Olivia (Gine) and Martin Andersen (Hejlesen)
- lived in Raabjerg and Tuen. They had 12 children, Marie, Laurine, Anna, Christian, Klara, Ida, Robert, Oskar, Jens, Martin, Julie, and Ingrid.

5. Caroline Christine (Caroline) and Aksel Ibsen
- had one child, Elfrida (Frida). Aksel passed away already in 1922. They lived in Give, South Jutland, but Caroline later on moved to Odense.
Here one grandchild grew up.

6. Hilma Alvilda Signora (Hilma) and Marius Nielsen
- lived in Give, South Jutland. They had five children, Harald, Anna Margrethe, Helene, Herdis, and Marie. Herdis emigrated to Canada.
Here 15 grandchildren grew up.

7. Georg Graff Møller Christensen (Georg)
- passed away when he was eight years old.
It is said that he passed away after having drunk hydrochloric acid (saltsyre).

8. Krista Kristense Dorthea Marie (Krista) and Jens Kyk
- lived in Tuen. They had four children, Gerda, Aksel, Henry, and Ketty.

If you are a descendant of any of these families, you should know that we have a lot of pictures, and a few other files placed on the Yahoo-group Klitterne. As Jens Jakob was my grandfather many pictures are related to his family, and as we are in good contact with a few members of the family after Christ and Agathe in the USA also quite a lot of pictures are related to Christ's family. But we know about all the other families, and we do have a few pictures, and more are welcome.

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We wish that we will find something in common after all these years, though time and distance have separated. Whatever hardship that made contact difficult for our grandparents, we sincerely hope that we have overcome - two generations later. Personally I am the granddaughter of Jens Jakob. Best regards Karin Christensen
Please notify me about mistakes and additions.