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New Mobile with Speech-to-Text could revolutionise text messaging
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April 20, 2005 Samsung America has announced the availability of the p207, the world's first EDGE phone with VoiceMode a speech-to-text input technology offering the ability to dictate text messages. With a built-in dictionary, the user trains the p207 through a series of spoken prompts that captures voice tone and intonation. After the user adapts the system to accurately recognise their own voice, they are ready to begin dictating messages. The more frequently VoiceMode is used, the more it adapts to the user's voice. In addition, the user can eliminate time-consuming steps when addressing the message by dictating the recipient by name or number.
"Samsung is dedicated to integrating first-to-market technologies into its wireless phones to empower users in their everyday lives," said Peter Skarzynski, senior vice president of wireless terminals, Samsung. "It is a great accomplishment for Samsung and a monumental day in the industry, as the p207's advanced voice technologies transform day-to-day communication."
Additional key features of the p207 include: Advanced Voice Recognition Solutions, including: Speaker independent message addressing, name dialing, name lookup, digit dialing, check status and application launch commands
The p207 also includes an integrated VGA camera/camcorder, MP3 ringtones, Wireless multimedia messaging and Instant messaging.
VoiceMode and VoiceSignal are trademarks of VoiceSignal Technologies, Inc. the leading provider of embedded speech solutions for the wireless industry.


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